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PAP MD Mouth Tape
Jill Freeman
Great Product

I’ve used lots of different tapes and this is by far the best. It sticks great but comes off easy. I wear an oura ring to chart my poor sleep and it’s gotten better using this tape. But with confidence.

PAPMD Mouth Tape - 3 Month Supply
Emma Benavides Rodriguez

They really work

Sleep Improved

I was always waking because my CPap mask kept moving around and my open mouth caused severe dry mouth. This product has stopped the mask movement and my dry mouth doesn’t occur now! Great product!

Bedside Travel Tin (No Tape Included)

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Ginny Troutman
5 stars


PAP MD Mouth Tape
Jennifer Baldwin
These work!

A great solution to dry mouth, especially when using a c-pap while sleeping.


PapMD is wonderful if your a mouth breather and wake up with a dry mouth. Since useing this product I no longer wake up with dry mouth.

better option than then chin strap

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Joy Roediger
A winner!

Have tried several mouth taps with minimal product satisfaction . PAP MD is exceptional. Only one I am ever using going forward.

I Can Handle This

I tried pap md strips and the first night I was comfortable and woke up without the horrible dry mouth condition. I used the one month supply and promptly reordered another 6 months. I am sleeping much better and no longer snoring and mouth breathing.

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Ezell Jackson

Love it

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Leon Loucks
Mouth tape

It works pretty good.

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Debra Ramsey
Pap MD

I have enjoy using the tape , before my mouth would be so dry when I wake up but now I notice it’s not dry. I like it very much

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Stephen Davis
Best mouth tape on the market!

Its bigger, better and can be removed and reapplied so you can take a sip of water. Love this tape!!

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Perry Attah Antwi

It’s good and would like to purchase another set

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Tom Asbury

this does really work. this is not a gimmick. seals mouth very well will NO leaks.

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Lois LeBlanc
Must return

Did not like the tape. First usage it stuck to my lips, haven't used since.

Let’s me sleep more soundly I used to get up every night at 3:00 AM to visit the bathroom. Now it’s 5:00 AM or not at all.

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Jackie Oakes
Pap MD mouth tape

It has really helped my numbers be under 5!! I feel it could use a little less sticky!!

best mouth tape of all

I have tried 3 other brands of mouth tape to hold my mouth closed at night while I sleep with my nasal C-Pap. I also need to use a custom made mouth piece, because I have severe sleep apnea - so when I discovered PAP MD I finally had what I needed. Definitely the best available.

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Joleta Edinburgh

Great product

PAP MD Mouth Tape
NNcy McConnell
Pap Md Review

It works great!

I love this tape.

This ie the third tape I've tried. I will never change. It really helps me sleep better.

PAP MD Mouth Tape
wayne speakes

PAP MD Mouth Tape

PAP MD Mouth Tape
Caroline Benzon
PapMD mouth tape

I love it. I’ve improved my apnea events from 20/might to 5 events/might. Stayed compliant for 21 days. Need to order more Highly recommend.