6 Reasons Why This Mouth Tape Is The Key To Better Sleep, Stronger Immune System, More Energy, Focus and Motivation

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Mouth tape. It’s the answer to better sleep, more energy, focus…

And the motivation to exercise, eat right or just reach your goals.

I know… mouth tape sounds strange, but it’s now the recommended treatment from Breathing Therapists at Stanford University.

It’s been researched by best selling authors, Harvard Educated doctors and even Nobel prize winning MDs…

And ALL these experts agree… mouth tape can help you:
✅ Sleep Better
✅ Stop Snoring
✅ Strengthen Immune System
✅ Boost Energy
✅ Improve Focus & Brain Function 

And Much More…

So if you suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, poor sleep, lack of focus, headaches, dry mouth, or low energy and motivation that prevents you from exercising, eating right and generally performing at your best…

You Need To Try Mouth Tape.

You Owe It To Yourself… And Your Loved Ones.

However when it comes to mouth tape you need to be careful, because…

Not All Mouth Tapes Are Created Equal

Mouth tape has become popular recently. And as a result there’s tons of BAD tapes you want to avoid.

If you’re a CPAP user stay away from tapes that are:

Too small to cover your mouth

Have pre-cut holes in the middle of the tape

This releases air, and defeats the purpose of taping.

Inflexible or not sticky enough 

It will start to peel at the first sign of humidity or moisture.

Can’t stick to beards or facial hair

Surgical tapes 

You often have to cut these to the correct size and they can leave a sticky residue and many are irritating to the skin.

In fact, when it comes to mouth tape, there’s one that stands out above the rest… PAP MD.

Thousands of men and women have used PAP MD. And the feedback has been incredible!

There’s 6 reasons why this tape is better than anything else…

Starting with…

Reason #1: PAP MD Reduces Mouth Breathing

A recent experiment at Stanford University found that breathing through your mouth for just 10 days leads to problems like:

❌ Sleep Apnea and Poor Sleep
❌ Extreme Fatigue
❌ Elevated Blood Pressure
❌ Snoring
❌ Chronically Dry Mouth, Bad Breath
❌ Brain Fog and Trouble Focusing
❌ Tooth Decay and Mouth Infections

And MILLIONS of Americans are mouth breathers right now…

So chances are, you are too.

Why Is Mouth Breathing Bad?

The reason why mouth breathing is so bad for you is because it stresses your body, and triggers your body’s flight or fight response…

This elevates blood pressure and increases the stress hormone cortisol…

Which can lead to weight gain, high blood sugar, inflammation, anxiety, and a host of other problems.

Not to mention…

Your nose has a built-in filtering mechanism that stops pollutants, smog, mold, and other bad bacteria from entering your body.

However, if you constantly breathe through your mouth NONE of these bad particles are filtered out.

And they can easily enter your body.

On the flip side, when you breathe through your nose, the hairs heat, moisten and filter out bad bacteria.

Better yet, nose breathing produces an antimicrobial and antioxidant compound in your body called nitric oxide.

This helps protect your lungs, and kills bad bacteria and viruses.

Simply put…

Nasal breathing can only have positive effects on your health and life.

And the best way to encourage nose breathing is with PAP MD tape.

In fact, when it comes to mouth tape, there’s one that stands out above the rest… PAP MD.

Because it’s safe, comfortable, and made with high quality, non irritating materials… so it’s far and away the BEST option to support nasal breathing.

However, there’s still 5 more reasons why this tape is better than anything else…

Reason #2: Helps You Sleep Better

And Stop Snoring…

The next reason why users LOVE PAP MD is because it helps you sleep better, reduces snoring and can alleviate mild sleep apnea.

You see…

Anne Dutton, director of the Yale Stress Center education program found that breathing through the nose triggers a calming effect on your nervous system.

So after just a few moments you’ll feel more calm and relaxed…

Which means you’ll fall asleep quickly without tossing and turning.

Better yet, PAP MD reduces snoring and helps alleviate mild sleep apnea…

Because using PAP MD while you sleep reduces soft tissue vibrations that cause snoring AND airway obstructions that lead to sleep disturbances or apnea.

✅ Nasal Breathing
✅ Reduces Snoring
✅ Alleviates Mild Sleep Apnea
✅ More Restful Sleep

❌ Mouth Breathing
❌ Snoring
❌ Airway Blockages/Sleep Apnea
❌ Sleep Disturbances

Infact, a study in Sweden found that nasal breathing from mouth tape stopped snoring, and reduced morning tiredness.

Which is why users tell us they’re breathing better and sleeping better once they start PAP MD!

And their partners sleep better too because there’s no loud snoring noises!


Better sleep is great… But is PAP MD tape safe?!

The answer is a resounding YES!

And that’s the 3rd reason why PAP MD is so popular…

Reason #3: Research Shows It’s Safe And Effective

We get 2 common questions about the safety of PAP MD tape…

Safety Concern #1:

“I will suffocate at night”

Safety Concern #2:

“I have nasal congestion and I HAVE to breath through my mouth... is it still safe to use PAP MD?”

Both of these safety concerns were debunked by research done by scientists at Stanford University and investigative journalists, such as James Nestor (author of the best selling book “Breathe”).

Researchers found if your oxygen levels drop, your body wakes you up.

So suffocation from mouth tape isn’t possible.

Simple as that.

The same researchers also found that mouth breathing is the cause of nasal congestion.

The reason why is because…

When you breathe through your mouth your brain thinks carbon dioxide is being lost too quickly from the nose.

So it triggers your cells to produce more mucus in your nose.

The excess mucus congests your nasal airways so you’ll feel like you can’t breathe through your nose.

This creates a vicious cycle of mouth breathing:

"When the nasal cavity gets congested, airflow decreases and bacteria flourish. These bacteria replicate and can lead to infections and colds and more congestion. Congestion begets congestion, which gives us no other option but to habitually breathe from the mouth."

- James Nestor (Author of Breath)

Mouth breathing

increased mucus production in the nose

congested & clogged nasal cavity

difficulty breathing through the nose

further mouth breathing

Simply using mouth tape stops this cycle. Because mouth tape encourages nasal breathing which will greatly reduce mucus production in the nose, decongest your nasal cavity and make it easier to breathe through your nose again!

Mouth breathing → increased mucus production in the nose → congested & clogged nasal cavity → difficulty breathing through the nose → further mouth breathing

Simply using mouth tape stops this cycle. Because mouth tape encourages nasal breathing which will greatly reduce mucus production in the nose, decongest your nasal cavity and make it easier to breathe through your nose again!

Yet, when you nasal breathe you produce less mucus.

And the airways in your nose open up so you can breathe better, sleep better, and function at your best.

That means…

Not only is PAP MD tape safe… It’s effective too.

Reason #4: Reduces Dry Mouth, Bad Breath, Tooth Decay And Mouth Infections

If you continually breathe through your mouth the constant air flow stops saliva production, and dries up existing saliva in your mouth.

This is a problem because saliva protects your teeth and gums, keeping them healthy.

So if your mouth is continually dry because of mouth breathing… It can lead to some nasty mouth problems.

Like cavities, tooth decay, ongoing mouth infections, gum disease, chronic bad breath and sore throat.

PAP MD is made with medical grade adhesive that stays on all night, with no leaks, gaps or holes.

So unlike other tape, PAP MD STOPS air from flowing through your mouth, drying it out and causing dental health issues.

No Leaks, Holes, or Dry Mouth

Leaks or Holes That Cause Dry Mouth

Now, the next reason so many people LOVE PAP MD is because…

Reason #5: No Double or Triple Taping

Unlike surgical tapes that you have to cut yourself, and aren’t big enough to cover your mouth…

Or other tapes that are simply too small…

Each PAP MD strip is 40% bigger than leading competitor tapes.

So it’s the perfect size to cover your mouth.

So it covers your entire mouth… and there’s no need to double or triple tape.

Plus PAP MD is made with the perfect mix of high grade, latex free materials and medical adhesive that’s flexible, breathable and soft for ultimate comfort.

Not cheap plastic.

This is important because it means…

Unlike other tapes, PAP MD is so soft and comfortable, many users tell us they forget it’s on!

So not only is PAP MD mouth tape safe… It’s effective too.

Because it gently forces the pressurized air to keep your airway open.

Which greatly reduces the cause of apneas…

Better yet, it also improves nasal breathing over time.

Helping you sleep better night after night.

“I started using this tape 3 months ago and I LOVE it. I’m sleeping better, breathing better… and unlike other tapes I tried it’s comfortable. Sometimes I forget I’m wearing anything at all!”

- Andy R. (Verified Buyer)

Reason #6: Sticks To Beards & Facial Hair

Plus It Never Irritates or Damages Skin

Each PAP MD strip is made with medical grade adhesive that sticks to beards or facial hair.

Plus the high quality materials in the tape and adhesive won’t cause breakouts or rashes.

And the tape peels off gently in the morning when you want to remove it.

So it won’t irritate, or damage your skin in any way when taking it off in the morning!

Which is great…

But there’s still another bonus reason PAP MD is better than anything else…

"I bought this to try it without thinking that it would really work. Oh my gosh, it works great!! I am sleeping better since i don't have to keep trying to keep my mouth closed. Great Product!!"

- Shannon A. (Verified Buyer)

"I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised that they do work very well and are comfortable to wear. I am sleeping much better and my AHI numbers are well below 5. I highly recommend these!"

- John S. (Verified Buyer)

Absolutely thrilled to have found this productIt eliminated dry mouth and provides a much better sleep experienceHighly recommend PAPMD

- Dominic D. (Verified Buyer)

BONUS REASON #7: If PAP MD Doesn’t Help You Sleep Better… Or you don’t like it, It’s FREE!

That’s right, we have a full 60 Day “No Questions Asked” refund policy.

So you can try PAP MD risk free for 2 full months.

If you don’t feel better…

If your myAir stats or sleep score hasn’t improved…

Or you’re not satisfied for any other reason (or no reason) at all…

Email help@papmd.com and our friendly staff will issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

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We’ll refund you so you can use it towards something that does help you sleep better.

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Simple as that.

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"I have to say these strips are “ head and shoulders” above the other mouth tape I have used. I will definitely buy more. Good stuff!"

- Dickerman S. (Verified Buyer)

"The strips allowed me to stop using a chin strap with my CPAP machine and they are more comfortable. Not sure it's recommended, but I put on lip balm before applying the tape at night so it doesn't stick to my lips and comes off easier in the morning. I'd recommend them as an alternative to chin straps for folks who use a nasal mask with a CPAP machine"

- Jack D.M. (Verified Buyer)

"This is by far the best mouth tape I have ever used and I have tried various."

- Jorge L. (Verified Buyer)